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Why It Might Just Be Cheaper To Buy Auto Parts And Pay Someone To Install Them

If you take your car into the shop for repairs, you generally pay the mechanic to get parts and install them. Here is a lesser-known secret about auto parts, though — they cost less than you think, and many a mechanic up-charges a little to find and buy the parts. In fact, you might be surprised at just how cheap auto parts really are. Here is why it might just be cheaper to buy the parts on your own and then have a pro install them for you.

Auto Parts Stores Are Easily Accessible to the Public

There are several chains of auto parts stores that are open to the public. This makes it particularly easy to get the parts you need for your car, and then take the car and the parts to your chosen mechanic. The inventory in these places is undeniably massive, and even if they do not have the parts in stock, they can get them for you within a couple of days. Furthermore, they can look up parts before they order them for you and tell you exactly what they will cost. Those brakes that you paid a hundred eighty dollars for through the mechanic's shop last time might cost only a third of that. Imagine what you could be saving on buying your parts yourself. 

Sales on Parts and Coupons Applied Make Buying Parts Even Cheaper

Quite often, retail locations for car parts have sales on specific parts. They might offer first-time customers a one-time coupon for a large percentage of regular price parts and merchandise in the store. These are coupons and discounts that most repair shops do not take advantage of, so the savings you would otherwise receive are lost. If you buy the parts you need yourself and hand the parts off to your mechanic, you can take full advantage of the sales and coupons and save yourself a lot of money. 

Labor Often Costs More Than Parts

Depending on the mechanic, you may be charged anywhere from fifteen to sixty dollars an hour to fix your car. The labor almost always costs more than the parts, with the exception of some repair jobs that require taking the engine apart completely. When you know that you can get the parts for far less from a car parts store, why would you not attempt to save a little money buying the parts on your own? Then the bill for labor is not quite as shocking. 

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