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How To Tell When You Need A New Transmission In Your Car

You want to keep your car in great condition, and you want to keep your transmission in excellent condition. Your car's transmission is a large part of what makes your vehicle operate, so you want to make sure you keep your tranny in excellent care so you can keep the transmission longer. When your transmission is in need of replacement, you end up in a situation where you have to either replace the unit or get it repaired.

You can repair your transmission if the damage isn't that bad, and there is still room to renovate the component. Unfortunately, you don't always realize your vehicle is in need of repairs until it's too late to actually repair what is wrong, and you're left with replacing components instead. If you need to replace the transmission in your car, it's best to find out before your car fails. Here are signs you need to replace the transmission on your vehicle.

Your car is sluggish in motion

If your car is starting just fine, but it's having a hard time accelerating or staying in a higher motion when you are climbing up hills and driving at accelerated speeds, your transmission is showing signs that it needs to be replaced. Don't wait until your transmission fails entirely before you replace the unit. You may notice your RPMs going up like crazy when you try to accelerate, which can be another sign that your transmission is getting ready to fail.

Your car is leaking transmission fluid

If your car is leaking transmission fluid, this can be a sign that your car is not doing as well as it could. If your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, then the transmission may be on its way out. Your transmission should hold purple or reddish fluid, and if it's leaking any of this fluid anywhere, you could be in danger with your vehicle. Speak to your auto shop agent to see if your leaking transmission issue can be repaired or if you have to have the transmission replaced entirely.

Your transmission may be in need of replacement, and if it does, you have to have your auto repair shop take care of it. Your transmission can be replaced by an auto repair specialist, and the sooner you get your vehicle in, the sooner you are able to meet the needs of your vehicle. A new transmission can vary in cost, depending on how much you invest in the unit and if you want a new or used transmission.

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