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Dealing With Roadside Breakdowns in Your Semi-truck or Commercial Vehicle

When a commercial truck breaks down on the road, moving the semi-truck for repair is challenging and requires specialized tow trucks to deal with the weight. Many times, the better solution is to send an emergency truck road service out to attempt to make the repairs right where the truck is. 

Tire Repairs

One of the most common breakdowns that commercial trucks encounter is related to tires. A blowout on the truck or trailer is an issue, and semi-trucks don't typically carry equipment large enough to change a tire. Some trucks do have a spare tire under the trailer, but more often than not, an emergency truck road service will still need to come out with the tools and equipment to change the tire. 

The emergency truck road service can also bring replacement tires if the truck has more than one flat. The technician can remove the tire and wheel from the semi-truck or trailer, change the tire on the wheel, and reinstall them faster than towing the truck into a service shop in most cases. 

There are some exceptions, for instance, if the truck is on a steep grade, jacking it up may not be safe, or if it is in heavy traffic, there may not be room to work on the truck in the breakdown lane along the road. 

Engine Or Mechanical Issues

A truck that suddenly stops running may have several issues that can be fixed right where the semi-truck is sitting. A clogged or dirty fuel filter can cut off the flow of diesel to the engine, and the truck will stop. An emergency truck road service can bring tools and parts to the scene and change the filter without towing the semi-truck into the shop. 

Dirty air filters can cause similar issues, or a water separator on the fuel line that is not working can allow water to get through to the engine. Cooling hoses that rupture, oil lines that are leaving, and some mechanical issues like u-joint failures can sometimes be repaired with mobile services, saving time and money. 

Fleet Repair

Some large trucking companies contract mobile repair services to handle emergency truck road service to try to avoid taking a truck out of service for repairs. Often these services are called by the dispatcher when a driver calls in to say the truck is down if there is a service in that area. 

If there is no mobile service available, the truck may still require towing to make repairs, but some towing services will attempt to make emergency roadside repairs if they have the tools and knowledge of the truck systems that are not working.